Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Trial Blogger

Hi guys, I'm Itching!

And I'm so glad to be here to join you all. 
I guess I'll tell you all a bit about my self..?

  • My name is David which is the name I usually go to for everything, some refer to many people in Woozworld, which is like a million David's out there, crazy, right?
  • I got my username of Itching when on the first day I started out I had a really bad itch on my arm. So when it said make up a username, I first then gagged while scratching my arm and then typing in for no reason "Itching".. So basically, it was just this big itch on my arm that made my username happen. And apparently many people say it's cool so eh. 
  • I am currently taken with the amazing SierraTooCool, who's already a blogger for Woozworld Spies. (Tbh, if you all haven't really noticed, she's a HASHTAGGING  MACHINE!!!!) But seriously, if you spend time with her for at least two straight hours she'll start going, "Hashtag: I Am Bored 2k15!" or "Hashtag: Sierra and David 2k15" Here's my hashtag: #StopItWoman. Jk she and I still love each other lool.
  • I'm a pretty chill guy. I don't really do much most of the time but I love at least spending time with new people.
  • I used to suffer from depression and used to self-harm myself. It seems really rude probably, but I'm serious. I didn't see anyone at that time, I always isolated myself and even locked myself in my room, duct-taping and using materials it to try and make it sound proof. The only person who knew about was Sierra, but soon however, I soon began to see a therapist and talk to my parents about it. My parents took it risky and made sure to keep watch on my every move. Even on Woozworld when I first started out with Sierra, she advised me every time to take it easy. I've been doing pretty great now. I've been clean ever since April 15th and it's been pretty great for me.
  • I'm very outgoing, and in need of new Woozworld friends. LITERALLY. SO PLEASE ADD ME SO I WILL ENTERTAIN YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.
  • I enjoy the colors of Black and White, and also sometimes Dark Blue.
  • I enjoy many gossip topics and watching Woozworld take flight.
  • I AM SECRETLY THE NEXT BATMAN AND WON'T STOP TILL I PROTECT GOTHAM. But for now I get to protect Woozworld, woohoo! Batman is actually my favorite superhero, I watched all the Batman movies and when people say Batman is lame I get really mad. BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME, OKAY.
  • I like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Muse, and many more bands.
  • My favorite animator is ZackWooz. I respect him turning away from his past and trying to start out fresh, that's a good man right there!
So that's basically me right there, I can't wait to meet you all on Woozworld soon!
Thanks for listening!