Apply For Blogger!

Want to be part of our blogging team? Apply here! Simply click the link and fill out the form and the blog owner, QueenRosie1, will check it ASAP! You will get a message ONLY if you're accepted =) Best of luck! <3 *NOTE: We will choose 3 Trial-Bloggers every few weeks and only 2 of them can get accepted! After posting 5 times, QueenRosie1 will message you to tell you if you're accepted as a Blogger!*

Rules of Being a Trial-Blogger:
  1. Do not post the same topic/idea as anyone else
  2. Only post once a day and about important things going on in Woozworld, or any of the topics listed in the forms :-)
  3. Respect everyone's blogging opinions
  4. Blog at least 2 times a week as a Trial-Blogger
*And remember, just as you were promoted, you can be demoted from being a blogger if you neglect posting for 2 weeks or more!*

To apply, click here!

Three new trial-bloggers will be chosen every three weeks! The next time trial-bloggers will be chosen is: 7-14 days

*Note: If you ever need a purse because of school or something going on, let me know and we can arrange that x)*

To see how many posts a Trial-Blogger has made, look to the right sidebar under "Our Blogging Team" and they are listed there!

Congrats to the following, who have become Bloggers!
Xywtoh (Ella) - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Lauraxer - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Princescajor - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
meganisawesome3 - Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
NayiVIP - Saturday and Sunday
Cooly-BackUp - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday
BleatyStar- - Friday and Saturday
SierraTooCool - Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
Sillycoolgirl - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
DarkImpulse - Saturday and Sunday
Loveandy - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Itching- Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday
YourPerfect- - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
menguin-awesome - Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

Once you become a blogger, I'll message you in Woozworld and you can choose up to 3 posting days. You may only post once on those days, and a maximum of 3 times a week :) Minimum 1 post a week. Please do not copy posts and please look at the information below to know who posts what, and please be nice to your fellow blogging buddies! :) Congratulations again!

Xytoh (Ella) - General news
Lauraxer - Quiz and Quest Answers
PrincesCajor - Fashion and News
meganisawesome3 - Inspiration And Updates
NayiVIP - General Things
Cooly-BackUp - Outfits And Fashion
BleatyStar- - News
SierraTooCool - #WooztasticTrends, #TypicalTopics, And #FashionBoosters
Sillycoolgirl - Updates and Fashion
DarkImpulse- Fashion And Updates
Loveandy- Events And Funky Friday
Itching - Interviews, Events, And Woozworld News
YourPerfect- - New Arrivals (Outfits, Events, New Things)
menguin-awesome - Top 5s, General News, and Fashion

If you have any questions about being a blogger or trail-blogger or any of the requirements, please feel free to message me in Woozworld, @QueenRosie1 x)


  1. I love blogging and especially about f=drama and newz going on around woozworld I had my own blog but deleted because of hate mail and I want to start again and start with whole new fresh blog like this. @ -Brookelyn-

  2. Hi i would like to apply for this blog btw haha8674 asked me to join beacuse you guys are EPIC

  3. i will post about hackers and scammers
    i will only post on mondays and fridays
    I really want to be on this blog please no one take my topic