Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm New, Hi there

Hey spies!! As you can probably tell from the title, I'm one of the new trial bloggers!!! My name is Menguin-awesome on woozworld and I have been playing for around 3 and a half years!!! I'm SUPER excited for this new blogging adventure and I hope that you LOVE my posts!!

I wanted to tell you about my woozworld backround, even though I'm sure that you spies have all heard this before. I promise that I will keep my history short, but I thought it would be a great introduction!

  • I found out about woozworld by the same person who introduced me to this blog! You might recognize the blogger meganisawesome3, she also happens to be my neighbor in real life! I'm so grateful for 2 people on the Internet, Megan and Rosie. Both of you have helped me find this blog and start on this hopefully long adventure!

  • Now Menguin, how did you come up with such a cheesy username? Well as you may be able to tell, me and meganisawesome3 both have awesome in our names. A coincidence? Nope! She made her account first and it gave me the idea, but I didn't want it to be the exact same, so I used a hyphen. The Menguin is a mix of my all time favorite animal, the penguin, and my name, Megan. I added the two together and I got Menguin!!

  • What is your favorite part of woozworld? My favorite part of woozworld also happens to be my least favorite part of woozworld, the fashion! I LOVE the fashion and how woozworld tries to keep up with the latest trends, but it is also a bit maddening when they get new clothes so often that I find myself barely keeping track of all the new items. I feel like that adult who thinks that they know what is in, there's always that one person. I think I have this hot new item to trade, but it turns out that everyone has already moved onto the next piece of clothing!

  • Menguin, do you do anything besides woozworld? OF COURSE!! I play on a travel lacrosse team and my school's basketball and lacrosse team! I love to hang out with friends, on and offline! I love roller coasters and thankfully I have an amusement park SUPER close to wear I live! With all of my activities I still find time to play online in my limited free time, it always has sort of a calming affect to it!
I think I need to stop making promises, that introduction was NOWHERE near short as I had said it would be. Although it wasn't short, I hope you enjoyed my first blog post of hopefully many!!! Also I'm going to try to write a new tongue twister with every sign off!!

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