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Here, we will answer all of you're questions! :) It can be about Woozworld, about the blog, or about, well anything! XD Submit your questions by commenting or using the form below! Click here to go to the form and submit a question!

What did you use to make this blog?
I used Blogger! All you need is a Google account! ;)

How did you change your cursor?
Simple! There are many sites you can use! Here is the one I use: Link (Yes it's in Japanese x_x) Once you're there, click the cursor design you like and proceed to copy the code in the white box. Then, go back to Blogger and go to template. Once you're there, select the Layout tab and add HTML. That's where you can paste your code :)

How did you put pictures?
On posts/pages: You either have to have it saved to your computer, have the URL copied, or have the actual image copied. You could past the image on a post/page and you can upload it from your computer by looking at your toolbar at the top and selecting the little picture icon next to the 'Link' button. Then you can select it!
On Gadgets/Widgets in Layout: You need the picture saved onto your computer or you need access to the URL. Simply go to Layout, click an 'Add A Gadget Box' and select picture. Then you can upload it from there!

How did your blog become an Official Woozworld Fansite?
To become an official fansite, you need your blog and posts to be accurate, (No false information or lies) updated, (make sure that you have new posts, at least a few every week!), and helpful! (Having tips and help sections) Once Woozworld Spies had all this, Max messaged me and told me that he liked the way things were going and think we're ready for the title :)
*I'm not sure if they still choose more official fansites, but you're blog doesn't need a badge for it to be appreciated!*

How do you add the link thingy's? (like home button and "About Us," and like "Our Blogging Team," and etc) 
First of all, those thingy's are called pages xD To add them, simple go to the "Layout" tab in Blogger, select the "Add a Gadget" option, and select "Pages" Now, you can drag this to wherever you want it to be shown :) Once you have this set up, select the "Edit" option on the "Pages" gadget and you can select which pages you want shown and which order you want them shown in! ^_^

How do you add a typeform to your blog? (For those of you who don't know, a typeform is a form that viewrs can fill out. I use it for Outfit of the Week, Follower of the Week, and to apply for blogger)
Simple! First off, you need to actually create the typeform xD It's easy, and the free features are pretty good. Once you have your typeform ready and created, click the "Distribute" tab and choose one of the features.
Option 1) Link to your typeform: This is the option that I always like to use because I can simply link it with the "Link" button and say: Click here to go to the form
Option 2) Launch in a popup: This isn't a bad option neither ;o All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML code wherever you want the typeform to appear, and your viewers/readers will see the form in that window :) I personally prefer seeing it in a new tab because of the size and less lag, but that's just me xD
Option 3) Embed in a web page: I've never used this way, but from what I see, I can infer that Tunis method is basically like adding a widget to a page. You can make it like a banner or you can make it appear full screen. ;o

How did you add a voting counter/poll to your blog?
The poll is actually just a gadget ;o You can go to the "Layout" tab in Blogger, select the "Add a Gadget" option, and select "Poll" (You'll need to scroll down to see it) From there, you can create your poll and upload it onto your blog ^_^ Yhe voting counter (I'm assuming means the little stars on the side) are from another website (This) Simply select the one you want, copy the HTML code,  and paste it as a gadget. (Go to "Layout" and then to "Add HTML") Now you have a rating system c: If   you mean the views tracker, that too is a gadget you can add from the "Layout" tab xD (The Blog's stats gadget)

For the spy story area, how did you add a picture in so that when you click the picture it will take you to the typeform?
This one is easy too! x3 First, you need to make your picture xD (I suggest PicMonkey, it's a good editor for simple affects and stickers :3) Once you have this, you can go to the "Layout" tab (You're going to be going here a lot on your blogging adventure xD) click "Add a Gadget" and select the "Image" option. From here you can add your picture, give this gadget a title and caption, and you can add a link by posting the URL of the site you want linked I the "Link" section. To make my picture lead right to the typeform, I got the URL of the typeform (Option 1 in the typeform question) and boom! ;o Like magic x3

How did you get Max to know your blog?
Well, a while ago, (around the time they were going to release the Woozworld Android App,) Max had almost a 'contest' for fansites. He asked the owners of them to submit them through a pod at Central Plaza, and I guess the team at Woozworld and him went through them to choose official fansites ;o However, you may still have a shot at being chosen if one of the eight official fansites is removed from being an official fansite, (That's what happened for Woozworld Spies to become an official fansite,) and a new one is chosen to replace it at WoozNews HQ. Try making your blog well-known by advertising if you want to make sure that someone looking sees it. x3

How do you get the URL of a picture?
That's easy! ;D I touched on it briefly but never explained the process when answering the question about putting pictures. All you need to do is right click while on a computer or laptop and select " Copy image URL" or " Save Link Address." It really depends no what computer you have for what you see, and on some computers there isn't even an option. If you ever find that, you just need the find the image and copy the URL at the top of the page. For example, you can find a picture on Google Images, press "View Image," then copy that URL! :D

How did you make a chatbox?
There are many websites you can use to do this, but one I like to use is called "free-shoutbox.net". It's simple, free, and easy to use! All you need to do is sign-up and it will guide you through a series of customizations that you can add to your chatbox. Once you're completely done, you'll find a little box that says "To put the shoutbox on your website, paste the code into website HTML file:" Once you've copied that code, you can add it to blogger by using the HTML option in widgets on the Layout tab. From there, you can adjust sizes by editing the numbers in the code so they fit your blog's size! ;D

How do you put the playlist?
Once again, there are many websites that can let you do this, but the one I use is Podsnack! Making an account is also simple, easy, and free! Once you have an account set up, you can create and customize your own playlist as you're guided through three simple steps. Upon completion, you can find a little orange button on the right side of your screen labeled "Embed for HTML" Just click that and proceed to press "Use free (with watermark)" Then copy that code and from there you can add it to blogger by using the HTML option in widgets on the Layout tab. You can also adjust sizes by editing the numbers in the code so they fit your blog's size! ;D

Which template did you use to create your blog?
Ooh that's a new one! If my memory hasn't failed me, I believe it's something like "Awesome Inc." However, once you make a blog and start editing the template with widgets, it's hard to tell it was ever once something else! Blogger is incredibly customizable and it's easy to make one thing into something completely new. : )

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  1. oh uh i did this blogger thing and i cant find how to change the mouse and put pics on and get this format of blog?! thanks. grace.

  2. Could you put how to fix the html for the cursor switch and stuff? its not working for me ;-;

    1. Technically I can't edit the HTML x_x Make sure you're coping the right box! When you're looking for one, you should click the orange box next to it, then copy and paste what's in the big black box.

  3. Halp! ;o; how do you add the thingy's at the top like: Home, About us, Our blogging team and etc i really really really really really be happy if you could tell me o-o

    1. I've received that question a lot xD I'll put it up here shortly x3