Saturday, May 30, 2015

Please do this..

Hola! Ella here! I've made this fan art for another blog. (No stealing) Please.
Took me alot of time. BOOTY SHAKE. xD. That's not what im here to talk to you about tho, i need some help. ill be screen shotting images to help! Step 1: Go on the blog called 'woozworld burst'.  It should look like this blog! 
Step 2: Scroll down to this post. 
Before doing anything else, Please read it. The bunny picture, is my nomination. Im tied in second place with another girl, and i would like to win. Please click the 'interesting box' to nominate my picture as the winning one! Just scroll down the post, and you'll find this. 
Please click the interesting box, which is in a red circle to show you all. Well, thats it for this post, Byee! 

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