On this page, you'll find some helpful tips for various things in Woozworld!

Avoiding Trade Scams:
  1. Make sure it's a fair offer for both of you, for example, if someone is trading you a poor thing and asks you to trade a rare in order to buy a rare from them for cheap, it's probably a scam!
  2. Ask on WoozIn to see if your friends think that the offer's worth it. Even if it's not a scam, you'll want to hold onto those rares!
Getting Into Events:
  1. Auto-Clicker is one of you're best options!
  2. Going on App is a great option for events! On App, you aren't kicked for losing connection, and if you set your device to not go to sleep for inactivity in Settings, you can leave it on charge and go to the event! Make sure it's not on charge the whole time, that can be dangerous! ;(
  3. Here's an easy way of getting into SOTW or eventz that open at a certain time! First, you'll need to have the unit in access, for example, it needs to be saved on your Favorites list of maybe in your Unitz History. This way, you can put it onto a door and when the time is close, spam click! XD It's always helped me, and those are pretty good odds!
Leveling Up:
  1. Use YOUR votes! Voting can get you 3 Prestige Points!
  2. Ask for votes! One vote can get you 1 Prestige Point!
  3. Collect Collectiblez, they can give you Prestige Points too
Getting Beex:
  1. (For VIP's) Ask people to vote you! Every vote gets you two beex, and that adds up fast!
  2. Go to free times on an app! App is the best way to go to a free time where it's normal free, because there is little to no lag! You can sell most of the stuff you get from free times, and sometimes you can get some rares to sell to!
  3. Play games! Games like theme, color, revenge, and hide and seek can give you some awesome prizes that you can sell!
  4. If your not already level 50, level up! Vote yourself with other accounts or ask your friends for votes, it can help you level up faster and give you beex each time!
  5. Every time you complete an achievement, you get beex!
  6. Complete Woozband Lost Item Quests! Every time you find an item (Not counting the firs time) You get 10 beex! You can do this once a day! Click here to see the locations for it!
Getting People Into Your Unitz:
  1. Do addz in popular unitz! I suggest only do it in Woozworld-owned unitz, because otherwise you could make the unit owner mad ;(
  2. Set your unit on event so more people will go there! Sometimes, if people are bored, they'll look through eventz to find a great place to go! Make sure to describe it ACCURATELY and AWESOMELY! The better it sounds, the more people will come, but make sure not to lie (Like promising free but never giving it)
  3. Advertise on WoozIn! Sharing the woozen a few times can't hurt!
  4. Ask friends to invite! Chances are, you have some friends online, and you can ask them to come and help you invite!
Winning SOTW (Star of the Week) or WOTW (Woozpet of the Week):
(From the fabulous SierraTooCool)
  1. Be unique! The judges will look for originality when they score you! Find your own way to specialize the outfit and make it unique!
  2. TALK. Tell the judges and the animator about your outfit and what you're presenting. The more hospitality that they see and the more knowledge they know, the more likely they are to give you points!
  3. Timing! If you're there on time, you can talk with people, share ideas, and you may be able to come up with a whole new idea that you can present to the judges!
  4. Be yourself! Have fun, that's the best thing you can do! If you're cheery and happy, you can make someone's day and help yourself too, which can give you confidence in yourself!

I hope this page helped you! If there are any more tips you would like to see here, message me @QueenRosie1 or comment below!


  1. i love this page and it has helped me out alot, add me im called hotcuitie on woozworld :D

  2. also may i ask what website builder you used to build this site and was it free?

    1. This website was made by using Blogger, and it is completely free! x)