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Owner: QueenRosie1
    Hi guys! I'm the owner of this blog, and you can call me Rosie!  Here are some facts about me so you can get to know me better!
    • My favorite color is sky blue
    • I have been playing Woozworld for 3 years now
    • I officially opened this blog on April 3rd, 2015
    • I made this blog after being on a different blog for a few weeks, because I thought it would be a nice and wonderful experience!
    • My favorite game in Woozworld is fast type, because I think of myself as a fast typer :P
    • My favorite thing to do in Woozworld is hang out with my friends x)
    • I joined Woozworld around November, 2011, close to when Lite Sprites and Deadmau5 came
    • I enjoy going to event, such as SOTW and Truth or Tale :3 
    • My favorite number is 3 o3o

    xx <3 Hope I'll see you around! <3 xx


    Xywtoh (Ella)
    Hi guys, I'm Ella, and here is a little about me!
    1. Fave color: Pink
    2. Fave movie: If I Stay
    3. I joined WzZ in 2013
    4. I love hanging out with friends
    5. My fave game on Woozworld movez

    Hi guys! I'm gonna tell some facts about me!  <3
    1. I'm soooo addicted on playing on devices!
    2. I'm addicted to Woozworld
    3. I play the piano (I'm learning it)
    4. I love hearts! <3 <3
    5. I like talking about Woozworld XD
    6. My username in Woozworld is Lauraxer but people call me Laura
    7. My favourite number is 4!
    8. My 1st favourite color is Pink!
    9. My 2nd favourite color is Red!
    10. I like singing (I'm kind of good at it)
    11. I'm going to post about tips,tricks, quiz answers and more!



    Hey guy's it's Princess ( One of the bloggers ) So i'm going to be telling you guy's  a few Fact's about me..

    • My FAVORITE colour is Purple
    • My First ever account on WoozWorld was named Miamansen
    • I've been playing WoozWorld for 3 year's now (On my first account)

    And i thought there would be alot of fact's but apparently not..Anyway I'm Looking forward to blog on WoozWorld Spies and I post about new's and fashion :D

    Hi mi name is Juliettelax, Im new to the blog :p well here are some facts and tips for fashion ;)

    1. I don't speak english so if i write bad something is normal :p
    2.I entered woozworld 1 year ago :3
    3.I luv fashion on woozworld :D
    4.I don't celebrate halloween or some celebrations :p
    5.My favorite color is mint and brown (my color codes)
    6.My favorite animator is jenny :D
    7.I make edits on paint :D


    I'm really excited to start posting for all of you amazing Woozens, but first I think you should get to know a little bit about me!
    • love Woozworld and I've been an active member for 3 years.
    • My passion is soccer. 
    • Two of my biggest inspirations are Walt Disney and Veronica Mars <3
    • My favorite TV Show/movie is Veronica Mars.
    • I'm a very kind hearted person and love to meet new people!
    • love Hawaii and visiting there never gets old!
    I hope that gave you a little information about me and the type of person I am! I also thought I should tell you about some of the stuff I'll be posting. I'll be posting things like like Fashion Tips, Inspirational ideas/tips, and more!


    Hi Guys! It's Me Nay! (NayiVIP) Today, i'll be telling you facts about me! P.S I'm a new blogger. Hope you Like Me! XD 

    #1: I Love Hanging Out With Friends! And Making New Friends!!

    #2: I Am Really And Outdoorsy Person! I'm really FUN To talk to!You can talk to me ANYTIME!

    #3: I'm Really OBSESSED With Woozworld!

    #5: I Keep Changing Outfits every 5 Minutes! (I'll show you some of MY Favorite Outfits!  :D)

    And Finally #6: My Favorite Color and Food Are: SeaFoam Blue! :D And Chicken Wings! ^.^

    About Cooly-Backup.. The Weirdest Woozen ;3;
    • My color code is JennyWooz's green :D 
    • I've been playing WoozWorld for 4 years, oh my. -The Memories-
    • The first unit I was in was a Color Gam
    • I've been on Top 10 Voted Leaderboards more than 10 times, so vote me!
    • I once traded a Deadmau5 Head (colorable) --> Moo Moos ;-; -cri-
    • One of the 10 woozens on Woozworld who won JennyWooz's Halloween Pet Race :D
    • Before my mint color code, I was wearing neon xD
    • My elephant pet is cuter than me.. *sniff*
    • This fact is completely useless!


    Hey guys o3o. I'm Bleatystar-, for short, Bleaty. Many of you might know me from WoozworldBurst, another great blog.I'm happy to announce I will now be a blogger on WoozworldSpies!!

    Here are some facts about me!

    *I love Blue DON'T STEAL IT!!!
    *I LOVE Anime!!
    *I'm kind,funny.(hopefully o.o),and I stand up for what I believe in even if it means to stand alone.
    *My favorite video game is..The Legend Of Zelda
    *I've been a member of the Woozworld community for:4 years and 8 months (Including hacked accounts)
    *I've gotten hacked several times T_T

    Those are mostly the basics about me :3.I also love editing.

    Bleaty signing out!

    Hi Woozworld Spies and all of the spy recruits out there!
    I'm Sierra, also known as SierraTooCool, one of the hired bloggers!

    I'm glad to be a part of this team, as this will be my first trial post!

    Here's a little few facts about myself:
    • I LOVE fashion, I enjoy expressing my true style and also finding out trends started by other woozens!
    • I sometimes edit. 
    • I like making new friends and get to know them (If you want to become one of my 1900+ friends, just go ahead and add me at SierraTooCool!)
    • I like having fun.
    • I love spreading the word out to people, which is one of the reasons why I joined this blog in the first place!
    • I LOVE HOT PINK AND BLACK (With Blonde Hair, of course. Almost my whole inventory is hot pink and black, oops.)
    I hope you all will enjoy my posts!

    XOXO, Sierra
    "Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust"
    Add Me On Woozworld ∞ Youtube ∞ Instagram ∞ Twitter


    Hayello all you secret wonderful unicorn spies! xD. My name is Silly, but some people call me     unicorn! Hehe cx,

    Well I thought I should give you some facts about meh c;
    1. Im a very fun person and very overprotective of my freinds xD!
    2. I can argue about something for hours if its worth it.
    3. I had 3 hacked accounts on Woozworld, Which makes me 4 years on woozworld in total c:
    4. I love fashion, so some of my posts will be about the outfit of the week.
    5. Weirdo over here! Yes, xD I'm a weirdo so sometimes you'll find me in woozen quests acting like a total weirdo o-o.
    6. I like unicorns, Duh! xD I like them because there different like meh c;
    7. This fact has no meaning whats so ever i just wanted the fact list to end up on a odd number.
    Whale then, xD i just realized how much of a weirdo i really am o-o. Haha xD. Alrighty then my beautiful unicorn spies, Signing off, Till we meet again! c;


    Hi my name is DarkImpulse in Woozworld but my friends call me "Dark" and you can call me Dark too :)
    My hobbies are making new outfits , Cross Dressing XD and making friends.
    My favorite color is Blue,Aqua and White
    I consider all of my Best Friends as a family because they're the ones who will help you
    if you get hacked , scammed or have fight w/ your another best friend.

    See you guys!

    Hey guys! It's Pop, or Poptropicamaster. I've been accepted as one of thebloggers (yay!) for this blog, Woozworld Spies. I'm really lucky and happy to be a part of a blog as organized and unique as this one.

    Mainly, I'll be posting about some general topics, but my main focus is on giving you all the latest update on new features added to Woozworld, fashion, and giving you just general info and heads-ups about things going on. What I love about blogging is that you can mix in topics here and there, it's like one big melting pot!

    Poppycock signing off,


    1. Blogger! <3 -nayiVIP ;o

    2. How to become a blogger? i love blogging tbh.

      1. Go to the 'Apply For Blogger' Page and click the link! ;)

    3. Ohcool I'm a full blogger

    4. I really want to join your blog because it's really awesome. I already applied as a blogger but I know I won't be picked. It's also my first time if I'm gonna be picked so I'm not that good.