Blogging 101

Hey there visitors and Spies! On this tab, I'm going to keep track of everything I've learned as a blog owner XD If you ever wanted to make a blog and need tips, here is the perfect place to find some! <3 Every time I learn a new tip, I'll tell you guys about it! My goal is to get to 101 tips like the title implies ;) Let's see if I can make it! x3 This page will always be updated, so make sure to check back often <3

Tip 1: Stay organized! You can't expect your readers to be able to follow your thoughts and ideas in your posts if it's all over the place! The sooner you start organizing your blog, the less work you'll have to,do later.
Tip 2: Use color! Color-coding is a great way to also help you're reader follow through your posts and maintain interest. It has been scientifically proven that color can change your emotions and you always want to keep your readers happy! c:
Tip 3: Use BOLD, Italics, and Underlining! These simple things can help you're readers see what's important and what they should focus on. After all, that's why they read your posts xD To get the latest news and updates in an easy way! So make them easy to follow!
Tip 4: Highlight, highlight, highlight! Just like you highlight important notes I'm real life, you should do the same in your posts c: Don't overdo it, however... You want it to be a beautiful picture, not a highlighter fight that went wrong.. xD 
Tip 5: Advertise! What's the number one thing blog owners want? Ding-ding-ding! Views! What's one of the best ways to get them? Advertise, of course! I suggest you try on WoozIn or at events, that's what got my blog started off, and look where we are now! :') I'd you're going to advertise, make sure to state the exciting parts of your blog and why viewers should come to YOURS. And remember, ALWAYS BE HONEST! Don't lie to them for the sake of views! Remember kids, cheaters never prosper ;')
Tip 6: Make it Interactive! What's the point of having a blog without something to keep your readers occupied? Not much.. That's why I have things like "Outfit of the Week" and "Follower of the Week" Adding simple things like these can make you're readers excited to participate! ;o
Tip 7: Be UNIQUE! When Woozworld chose official fansites, I'm pretty sure they didn't want a site that was the exact same as everyone else. I'm sure they would agree with all their events with VIP-ME, VIP-BE, VIP-Dish-It and BE-YOU-TY. They all had one thing in common..they promoted being yourself no matter what others or society say about it. It's important to do this with your blog or posts too! Add things that make your blog special ;3
Tip 8: Use pictures! It's common logic that readers don't want to read a long, lengthy, and wordy post.. they want pictures! Pictures help you better understand the text and that's definitely good for your readers :)
Tip 9: BELIEVE! -Cue Inspirational Music- Youre going to get nowhere if you don't believe that you can get somewhere! I know it's cheesy and eveyethingm but it's true xD When I opened this blog I never even imagined of 1,000 views, and look where I am now! An official fansite! x) If you keep discouraging yourself, you'll never get anywhere at all! x_x
Tip 10: Grammar & Punctuation... One of the things that really annoys me is when I see bad grammar and punctuation ;c These 2 things are the key to looking professional, even if you aren't xD And you always want your readers to think you know what you're doing, even if you don't xD (But hopefully you do, because, you know, you own a blog xD
Tip 11: Don't Leave Your Blog! I know everyone gets busy and also, EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES - EVERYONE HAS THOSE DAYS! (Ah childhood~) But in all seriousness, one of the saddest things I see is an amazing blog that really hit it out of the park but ended up going down because everyone stopped posting. Make sure your bloggers understand that posting is a responsibility and a privilege! (Don't go power hungry though, that's even worse..) That's what makes a team! :D If you ever have to leave make sure you have someone who can watch your blog or still posts on it, or at least tell your readers if you ever must go on break!
Tip 12: Don't be afraid to get SILLY! ( But don't overdo the neon.. ) When posting or really making any interaction with readers, be YOURSELF! Notice how often my posts have random symbols like ":3," ":)," ":D," "-3-," "o3o," "x3," etc.. (I could go on forever..) I use those because they make me, ME! If your posts are all professional and zero entertaining, you won't get many readers excited. Information is good, but so is keeping the attention of your reader, especially in this day and age. That's why there's a random trail of food here as reward for making this far -> 
Tip 13: Rewards! One of the best things about being a regular reader to a blog is rewards! Such as a free outfit or beex after entering _(Blank number)_ of submissions for a contest. I'm not saying it has to be pricey, but giveaways and things like that will definitely help your view count!
Top 14: Be polite. You didn't open up your blog for ranting purposes, (or if you did.. you should seriously consider the repercussions of that..) No, you opened up your blog to help people, not hurt them. No one wants to waste their time reading things that'll start fights and get themselves in trouble, because if you share drama to purposely target other people, you're no better than the ones who started the matter in the first place.
Tip 15: Make people SMILE! One of the best things you can get out of the internet is a good LAUGH! If you can make your readers smile at something kind or laugh at something funny, you're bound to get them hooked! The more friendly your blog is, the more people will want to read it! So DON'T be a stick in the mud, take chances and connect with your readers!
Tip 16: Follow the basic rules! First, follow the basic rules of the Internet that we've all learned at a young age. Don't give out any personal information, whether about yourself or someone you know, it'll cause more harm than you think! Second, follow the basic rules of the site. Imagine if Official fansites like this promoted bullying in Woozworld and drama by focusing on that for the majority of posts? That would completely defy all logic of being an actual fansite and make you lose your reader's trust, which is something you never want to do as a blogger!
Tip 17: If you have a problem.. FIX IT! Once upon a time, there was a problem that didn't allow posts to be made on this blog or readers to look at it. I Decided to wait it out, but two months later, nothing... I could've have it fixed within three days if I simply contacted Blogger, but hey, now I know! I even helped some fellow blog owners with fixing it, because apparently it was something that could apply to everyone. So if you ever have a problem, get help from the pros, don't wait it out like me! >.<