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Sometimes you just need to let your creative juices flow, and this page is perfect for that! Here you can send in stories and fan art! More to come! xx <3

Spy Stories!
Every week, you can submit a Spy Story by clicking here! Just follow the weeks' writing prompt and write your own little spy story about it!
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Story 1) I was slowly crouching behind the tall boxes, hoping they wouldn't see me yet so I could have the element of surprise. That's when suddenly... (Click here to view Story 1's responses)

Story 2) I reached for my grappling hook and realized it wasn't there! In it's place there was a... (Click here to view Story 2's responses)

Story 3) "It's over!" Agent Carson said. "No it's not!" I said, "I can find a way out..." (Click here to view Story 3's responses)

Story 4) I grabbed his/her hand as we walked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while... (Click here to view Story 4's responses)

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By: Xywtoh (Ella)


  1. What evs me as a spy first time bloggigng . PS Is my first time no joke.

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