Fashion Tips!

Hey Spies! Here, you can find all the latest fashion trends! Every week, a new outfit will be added here for the specific season :) The new outfits are all submitted by you guys, and sometimes me! Click here to submit your photo!

Week 1: 4/6/2015 - 4/13/2015

Bunny Boo   By: poptropicamaster

Hair: Robyn Two Toned Hair

Torso: BUNNYster Relaxed Sweater

Bottoms: Casumas jeans

Feet: BUNNYster Platform Sandals

This outfit is perfect for Easter! The jeans compliment the sweater so perfectly! And the coloring on the hair isn't the same as the main color on the outfit, which makes it stand out even more! The shoes finally top off the piece and match the outfit perfectly!

Week 2: 4/13/2015 - 4/20/2015

Fleekster Overalls   By: PheonixBoy

Hair: CLASSYster Upswept Undercut

Torso: MESSYster T-shirt with Suspenders

Bottoms: MESSYster Two-toned Jeans

Feet: Kardinal Fold-Over Sneakers

Here is another great Easter outfit too! The overalls make this such a stylish outfit, and the coloring on the jeans is so perfect and realistic! The hair is cool, yet classy which gives the outfit flair! Finally the shoes top off the whole piece because they looks casual and match the top perfectly!
Week 3: 4/20/2015-4/27/2015
Spring Style   By: -StarSophia-  
Hair: Messy Pixel Bow Bun 
 Torso: Dress 'n' coat  
Bottoms: WNS Shorts
Feet: Ballerina heels

This outfit is perfect for spring, and it's pretty affordable too! The dress is something you would see being worn in spring weather in real-life, and so it compliments this outfit perfectly! The hair is also super cute and gives a sweet-girl touch to the overall outfit! Simple shorts or a skirt can be worn with this, and heels would look adorable as well!
Week 4: 4/27/2015-5/4/2015
Displaying Pop.jpg
Fabulous   By: Cookieswagger
Hair: Bow by Aeropostale  
Torso: Smiley Crop Tee & Spike Backpack  
Bottoms: Bubblegum POP Shorts
Feet: Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers

This outfit is so cute and sweet yet so casual! The sneakers and backpack give an on-the-go look, and since the tee is a crop, the shorts work really well with it! The bow in the hair and on the sneakers ties everything together and gives that sweet-girl yet casual look!
Week 5: 5/4/2025-5/11/2015

The Summertime Sadness   By: LittleCupquake 

Hair: Urban blossom Hair by AutumLight

Torso: Xstatic4Spring Tank by PeguenaMay--- 

Bottoms: WNS pop shorts

Feet: Xstatic4Spring Sneakers by PequenaMay---

This outfit (and symmetry in this picture) is absolutely amazing! The hair Is just so adorable, stylish, and oh so chic! The top is not just for boys, but it really is prefect for summer, and the hair and face add to the sass of it again that makes the top equally as amazing for girls! Shorts are a cute option with this, and sneakers would be awesome too!
Week 6: 5/11/2015-5/18/2015

Displaying Pop.jpg
"U R a QT"   By: Paygon
Hair: Headband and Ringlets
Torso: Promber Dress
Bottoms: Prom Swan Skirt
Feet: WNS Pop Heels
Looks like someone is taking advantage of Prom coming, because this outfit is positively perfect! x) First of all, this hair can be elegant and classy when paired with the right top/dress, and Paygon definitely did that here! This dress is the classic Prom type dress with a cute little skirt and and some adorable heels to make this a perfect outfit! Well done!

Week 7: 5/18/2015-5/25/2015

Get Scared...   By: Xywtoh

Hair: Flowerva Hair

Torso: Romantic Summer Shirt

Bottoms: Pixel Tights

Feet: Old Slippers

This outfit is so casual and perfect for a lazy day! xD For starters, the tights and slippers give a sense of coziness and lounging around at home. The cute top with a simple necklace give a carefree and soothing kind of look, and the hair with the adorable highlights give a sweetheart look and bring back that lounging lazy attitude, overall I love the comfort of this!

Week 8: 5/25/2015-6/1/2015

TrENDy Prom   By: QueenRosie1

Hair: TrEND Hair
Torso: Promenade Haltertop dress

Bottoms: WNS Pop shorts

Feet: WNS Pop Heels

This outfit I made for the upcoming Prom! ;D Since there was an absence of Prom ones in the TypeForm xD So anyway onto the important part, the outfit! First of all, this outfit is perfect for going to prom, because it's classy, stylish, and simple! The heels are one of my favorites, they go with a lot of dresses and they're not too much that they take away from the outfit. This dress is just stunning and the earring on the hair are a great touch to it. The hair itself is glamorous yet has a bit of casual in it!

Week 9: 6/1/2015-/6/8/2015
Tropical Summer Splash   By: SierraTooCool
Hair: Tropicadorable Side Ponytail
Torso: Floral Goddess Bralet
Bottoms: Tropicadorable Pineapple Shorts
Feet: Ferntastic Platforms
Adorable! I love the ponytail and it's so casual and laid back, it's perfect for Summer! The top is also perfect and it's a great touch that completely goes with the shorts, totally something you'd see in real life! The sandals are j ta classic summer must-have for girls everywhere, and so is the bracelet! Way to accessorize!

Week 10: 6/8/2015-6/15/2015
Summer-Tastic   By: Vywwoh
Hair: Headband and Ringlets
Torso: Dress n' Coat
Bottoms: Tarzan's Loincloth
Feet: Guy's Tommy's
Cute, and simple! The hair lookd beautiful and classy, and the dress is simple and stylish, making it go very well with teh dress! The shoes make the outfit causal, as well as the Tarzan's Shorts with the little ribbon, rawr! Way to go with this wild (See what I did there? c;) outfit!

Week 11: 6/15/2015 - 6/22/2015
Summer Time Flame   By: Thewayyouloveme
Hair: Evalis
Torso: Patterned Tube Top
Bottoms: Sweetz Candy Skirt
Feet: Knee-high Gladiator Sandals
 Adorable! ;o So simple and stylish, I just love it! The top fits PERFECTLY with the skirt and makes it look almost like a dress x3 The sandals are a Summer must-have and the hair is just so sleek and, well, amazing xD The outfit is casual and adorable and just makes you look like you're ready to werk and slay at the beach!

Week 12: 6/22/2015 - 6/29/2015
Island Beauty   By: OlayBeauty
Hair: BohoSpring Hair by KaTaRiNaSpaRkZ
Torso: SunChic Tube Top
Bottoms: Heidiva Skirt
Feet: Heidiva Sandal Heels
 This is perfect for a day on the beach! I love the flower in the hair, not only does it match the outfit perfectly, but it's perfect for the island environment! Then, there's the top and skirt which go together great! TOTALLY something I'd see on the beach! The sandals heels are also beautiful when you're ready to relax at the beach <3

Week 13: 6/29/2015-6/6/2015
Outfit Of The Week! 
Paradise By A-Rabbit
Hair: [VIP] Logan's Summer Hair
Torso: BestOverall Top by HinamoriAmuBest
Bottoms: Keychain Joggers
Feet: SWAG Beach Shoes
 ADORABLE! I love this combination! The hair is so free flowing and the curls are adorable <3 Then there's that overall top, definetly something you'd see in Summer! The joggers match the outfit perfectly and I love how cute they look with it and the color match! Finally, the shoes are simple and stylish and you can wear them out on the beach, to a park, somewhere where you can relax! ;o

Week 14: 7/6/2014-7/13/2015
Domestic Gamer By: Xxrockygirlcute
Hair:  Heartva Pigtails
Torso: BestOverall Top by HinamoriAmuBest
Bottoms: Promenade Tulle Skirt
Feet: Wedge Hightops
Cute! This hair has always been one of my favorites because of 2 reasons! 1) The anime factor ;) And 2) The adorable casualness of it that can go with so many styles! Here, Rocky used it to make a gamer outfit for a girl who's ready to stay and play! The top and skirt are such an adorable match with how they fit together, and the hightops are something every girl like this needs!

Week 15: 7/13/2015-7/20/2015
Crasin' Wavez   By: BleatyStar-
Hair: ChicNationz Hair
Top: BextOverall Top by HinamoriAmuBest
Bottoms: Helena Shorts and Socks
Feet: Tropicadorable Pineaplle Tommiez
Nice edit! ;D The fabulous Bleaty strikes again! x3 Now onto the outfit xD I LOVE the hair! The flower in it is so cute and it seems to go with this wave-y/island-y theme she has going! Then the top <3 This top is absolutely adorable as well as bringing that casual fab-and-lazy look! The shorts fit in perfectly and continue that lock with a bit of class to match that flower, and then the outfit is topped off with some 'tommiez' perfect for a lazy day x3

Week 16: 7/20/2015-7/27/2015
Stars And Flowers   By: Mikaylalolgirl
Hair: Sandrine Two-Tone Hair
Top: Sandrine Swimsuit Top
Bottoms: Floralful Skirt
Feet: Julyana Wedges
Adorable! The hair is just so cute and elegant and I love how the top and skirt match together so well! Together, they just bring that outdoorsy and beautiful look cx Well done! Then the wedges, you can't go wrong with wedges! ;D Give a girl a pair of heels and she can take on the world they say x) Overall this is beautiful! o3o

Week 17: 7/27/2015-8/3/2015
Summerlicious   By: Myangelhalo
Hair: [VIP] Logan's Summer Hair
Top: Summerfree Halterop
Bottoms: Floralful Skirt
Feet: Heart Anklet
Another perfectly matches skirt and top?! Well, you can never have too many! xD They fit together so well and bring such an adorable summer look together! c: Then, the beautiful and elegant hair adds a stunning dazzle to the outfit! (Whoa, that's a lot of big words) Then an ankle and that background to really bring together that adorable summer look :')

Week 18: 8/3/2015-8/102015
Princess of Summer   By: Rockstarpuppy
Hair: Tiarific Sidesweep
Top: Mermaid Princes Bikini
Bottoms: Floralful Skirt by Kittsay
Feet: Multicolored Sneakers
 Absolutely adorable! Perfect for Summer, the name works great! ;D This is something that would look amazing at the beach or at the boardwalk on a lovely summer day! The top and skirt fit so nicely together and the flowing hair is just perfection! And you can never go wrong with sneakers! c;

Week 19: 8/10/2015-8/17/2015
Bowslay   By: Ejmeto-backup 
Hair: Bun and Bow
Top: Londoness Leather Jacket
Bottoms: SUPRSTAR Zippered Shorts
Feet: Londoness Boots
Fab! I LOVE this jacket! And it fits with the zippered shorts so perfectly and suits them so well! c: Then the boots go great with the London/punk rock style! And a bow just gives it that sweet and charming look, and so does that face, well done!

Week 20: 8/17/2015-8/24/2015
Outfit Of The Week!
Star Ready   By: SierraTooCool
Hair: Apple Earrings and Ponytail
Top: DeMyaLovato Dress
Bottoms: Vampirz Skirt and Stockings
Feet: Girl Werewolf Boots
 Adorable! These stockings go great with the dress, they give it flair! ;D Then these boots play their part perfectly and fit just right! The hair in a sleek and cute ponytail with some adorable earrings to top it off, such a stylish look! Great for WNS, well done!

Week 21: 8/24/2015-8/31/2015
Red Carpet Ready   By: Cooly-Backup
Hair: Prom Prince Updo
Top: Bowtie Short-sleeved Shirt
Bottomss: MessySTER Two-Tone Jeans
Shoes: Studded Ankle Sneakers

Week 22: 8/31/2015-9/7/2015
 Outfit Of The Week! 
That Rock Though   By: Hayleystarstar
Hair: Super Cool braided sides
Top: Myllie Goulding Jacket and crop top
Bottoms: Galaxy Leggings
Feet: WNS Heels

Week 23: 9/7/2015- 9/14/2015

Week 24: 9/14/2015-9/21/2015
Outfit Of The Week! 
Dull Achromatic   By: A-Rabbit
Hair:[VIP] Flower Girl Hair
Top: Arizonawe Skull Tank
Bottoms: Slim Jeans with Sweater
Feet: SWAG Beach Shoes

Week 25: 9/21/2015-9/28/2015 
Outfit Of The Week! 
A Comfy Back To School Outfit   By: Rue03
Hair: Comfymas Hair
Top: BohoSpring Shawl By KaTaRiNaSpaRkZ
Bottoms: Spencie Floral Leggings,
Feet: Festival Sneakers

Week 26: 9/28/2015- 10/5/2015
Mint   By: Starlightforever
Hair: VIP Jeanette 
Shirt:Flames Crop Top
 Bottoms::Tarzan's Lioncloth
 Shoes: WNS Wedge Heels
Week 27: 10/5/2015- 10/12/2015
Moon Light   By: riksana
 Hair: Dahlia Half-Pony with Bangs 
Top: BestOverall Top by HinamoriAmuBest
 Bottoms: Spar Jeans 
 Feet: Spencie Shoes

Week 28: 10/12/2015-10/19/2015
Mint Crush   By: Loriannaluvyou
Hair: Headband and ringlets
Top: Mihanna crop top by Thorns
Bottoms: Plaid schoolgirl skirt
Feet: Ice blocks

Week 30: 10/19/2015-10/26/2015 
Outfit Of The Week! 
Hidden   By: A-Rabbit
Hair: Callie Ziegler Cap
Top: Natalie Zoom Cardigan
Bottoms: Rawdacious Jeans
Feet: Guy's Tommys

Week 31: 10/26/2015-11/2/2015
Outfit Of The Week! 
Pink Tre' Chic   By: Singeratheart
Hair: Parisque Bob
Top: Flowerva Dress
Bottoms: High Waited Shorts
Feet: Spop Shoes