Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wacky Wacky Hacked Wednesday! WAIT WHAT!?

            Hey my unicorn spies!

So today i'm gonna talk about  wacky Wednesday. So of course most of you know that Woozworld has brought wacky Wednesday back but it instead its in shopz not stores. Anyway, So i logged in and then saw this. 

So your probably like "Okay yea so theres new items or something whats the big deal?" Well big deal is that a while back maybe in march there was a hacker who sold some hacked items. Such as all of these items listed in wacky wednesday. I dont know if woozworld was aware of this when this happend but maybe they did and liked the idea? Who knows my unicorn spies. But Untill we meet again. Unicorn signing out!✌ 

P.S: Last post as a trial blogger! ;o

(Update from Rosie: These items had previously existed, but the hacker sold them and to do that he had to make them mod items!)

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