Saturday, July 4, 2015

Style Scoop! What's "hot" right now in Woozworld?

 Hey Spies! meganisawesome 3 here today with some Style Scoop! Today I went around and asked Woozen's opinions about what they think the most rare items in Woozworld are! I found it interesting to see others opinions and see what you may need to try and be on the look out for. Unless it isn't transferable *coughs* Deadmau5. =.= Anyways, here are the results! :)

They all said WNS Pop Shorts as the rarest pants; so I think we can all agree on one thing xD

These are honestly some of the items I would've expected. But now you may be wondering: 'Megan, what would you have picked"?  Good question. Here's my opinion (I'm not saying I disagree with anything!) :
  • Hair - Esqueleta Hair (like bananajamm and kayla224i) - I would've picked Deadmau5 like OBEYmilk, but I think that because Esqueleta is transferable, and you see it going for I can't even say how high (=.=), it makes it more valuable. If Deadmau5 was transferable, that would be my pick.
  • Face - Esqueleta Face (like OBEYmilk and bananajamm) - Not only does this face match the rarest hair (OPINION), it's mysterious... but most importantly it goes for a lot of beex and items xD. Esqueleta face is universal for girls AND guys!
  • Top - Tropicadorable Bustier (like kayla224i) - This is hard. I honestly was deciding between Summerfree Crop Top and this but if I were going to buy one, it would be Tropicadorable. There are so many good and rare tops on Woozworld, and everyone has their different opinions! But I feel like this top goes for the most *I can't say how much Summerfree goes for for it is not yet transferable.)
  • Pants - WNS Pop Shorts - I don't think there is any contest here. People about DIE for WNS Pop Shorts, they go for so much and are traded for so much! Personally, I think it's because there aren't a lot if good quality shorts on Woozworld that are cute, and these fit the bill.
  • Shoes - Tattoo Sandals (like bananajamm)  - Let's think about this. If you say "Trading/Selling Tattoo Sandals!" how many PC will you get? A lot. They also go for a couple thousand, maybe even hundred thousand, dare I say, beex. People will also trade just about ANYTHING to get their hands on them. Tattoo sandals are the perfect shoe, not only are they casual, they're rare, and again dare I say for all the guys, cute! x) Plus Tattoo Sandals (like Esqueleta face) are universal for girls and guys!
I hope this post will give you some insight on things to look out for!
Tell me in the comments what you Spies think; do you agree? Disagree? 

Also Happy 4th of July!


**Sorry Rosie, I went over the post limit this week! Won't happen again!**

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  1. I thought snapdragon sweater was pretty rare, and the cat as the hat....though depending when they came out. One person offered me 10k for my shorts and i thought i was wearing my black wns pop shorts and i said back no ty (not worth), then i realised i was wearing my suprstar zippered shorts....i wanted to find her again (but i couldnt) and say sorry xD om, make sure you check what your wearing first!!!