Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WNS: Upcoming Outfits & Band Competition

Hey Spies, it's Rosie here and today I have a few things to tell you, starting off with the current competition for WNS! As you should know by now, 20 bands were chosen for the WNS semi-finals! When you log on, you'll see the Woozband representing the genre you chose with a link to the unit where you can choose a band. But choosing isn't enough, you then need to collect collectiblez for that band. Let's check out the bands for each category!
(Note: The bands aren't ordered in any particular way, I just wrote them down in the same organization I saw them in the units)
1) MaJay Laser (Major Lazer) 2) Woozish House Beextia (Swedish House Mafia) 3) Zana Del Wooz (Lana Del Ray) 4) Zeendaya Wooz (Zendaya) 5) Zack Ü (Jack Ü)
1) Demi Woozvato (Demi Lovato) 2) Harry Stylz (Harry Styles) 3) Little Beex (Little Mix) 4) Yetifur Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) 5) 5th Yeti (5th Harmony)
1) AC/BeexC (AC/BC) 2) All Time Symbz (All Time Low) 3) Beex-182 (Blink-182) 4) Black Veil Beex (Black Veil Brides) 5) ParaWooz (Paramore)
1) 50 Beex (50 Cent) 2) Lil Woozayne (Lil Wayne) 3) Nicki Myanaj (Nicki Minaj) 4) Yeti Wap (Fetty Wap) 5) (
Remember choose wisely, you can only support ONE band so make it count! Now onto our second topic.. Upcoming WNS outfits, LEAKED! I found these while looking around the leaderboards, and check them out! I think they're next week's outfits :)

I guess now that spying motto really does make sense xD Lol, this stuff is FAB and I can't wait for it to come out! c': Cya next time Spies, where I'll talk about esqueleta and it's (possible) return o3o
Until next time!
xoxo ~Rosie

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