Monday, April 13, 2015

Woozen's choice!!

Hey guys!Bleaty here.Today,since there wasn't really much going on,I decided to make up something for you guys,to keep you entertained.So I'm gonna be holding a Woozen's choice in the Chatbox.Basically,I'll be giving you guys some options in each question,so I can see which you like best. (EX: Favorite Animator shows: *Max's Game Show *SOTW *Freestyle With Jay, etc)

It'll all be based off of Woozworld Stuff.So I'm gonna give you guys the options here,on my post, and your all gonna comment your choice.(Ex of what to say: Favorite Animator shows:*SOTW)Here goes!!

*Favorite Woozworld series:

*Teen troubles: GislleE417
*Beexworld High: RipleyW and crew,
*Haunted Highway: BeatDemonz (NikkiAshley)
*Fantabulous High: Stella123sl

*Favorite Woozworld Inspiring films:

*Oath: Iluvpenguins64 
*My Destiny: MindyMoo
*Falling Petals: Ali Woozword
*Born to Dance: Ems37

* Favorite Woozworld Editors:


*Favorite Woozworld Fashion Designers:


*Favorite Short Comedy Films:

*Lenna07 Tries Yoga: Rizzy
*Your Cute: ThaliaThunders
*A Day in the life of Demitra11: Demitra11
*What's Below Woozworld: Originally by Stella123sl
* It's raining tacos!!: Laila-Rox

There's the categories!Remember to comment the title,and then your favorite one.If you haven't seen any of the following,please do so!I chose these all,from the ones I thought were best :P Enjoy these!

Bleaty signing out!


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