Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Symbz!

Hey guys, it's Rosie! And today I'll be showing you all the new symbz, as Cooly introduced!

Symbz, left to right: Confused EmoZ, Laughing EmoZ, Surprised EmoZ, Cupcake, Cookie, Peace Sign, Party EmoZ, Angry EmoZ, Shopping Bags, Tennis Racket, Volleyball, Side-Eye EmoZ Unimpressed EmoZ, Thumbs Up, Elephant, Apple, Baseball, Bowling Ball, Crying EmoZ, Nerd EmoZ, Ballerina, Car, Tiara, VIP Symbz (Old), Laptop, Panda, Hashtag, YetiBux Cup, Crown, Diamond (Old), Lion, Yeti (Old) Cake, Candy, Venus Symbz, Film Roll, Pad Lock, Stop Sign
What are you're favorite symbz? I personally LOVE the Tiara! Comment or shout in the chat box for what your favorite is!
xoxo ~Rosie


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