Thursday, April 16, 2015

Woozworld App date released!

Hai guys o3o.Bleaty here.And today,if you noticed already,Max finally posted the date of the Woozworld App launch!!!It is....DRUMROLL PLEASE....April 23rd! So a week from now.;o SO exciting xDI'm really really REALLY Bummed out though,because I had guessed April 23rd,then I changed it to April 22nd,and to April 24th T_T 1 day off,just ONE!Oh well,at least we have an amazing app coming right? :L

                                                                                Who knows,they might even have Testers again,which would be fun c: Anyways,have fun with the app when it comes,and everyone that gets the app I think gets an exclusive item like with the apple app.

That's off this topic,this was my 5/5 post,so I guess this could be our farewell,or another welcome!!

Bleaty signing out,for the fifth time.



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