Sunday, May 17, 2015

SOTW~ New time?

Hey Spies! Pop here! And today I'm going to talk about SOTW!

To celebrate Victorian Day, Mya asked us to dress in a Royal Blue outfit. Luckily, I was able to attend the event, but only because it was at a much earlier time. The Unitz opened at 10:30, and the event started at 11 :3

(Sorry, it's fuzzy, can't take a screenshot atm.) Congratz to Cyndaquil49! Also a small shoutout to me, I won 3rd place, yay. xD

During the event, I asked Mya about some of the glitches going on (check Rosie's post for more info!) Everyone, feel free to message Mod747 every time you come across a new glitch.

Until next time, Spies!


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