Monday, May 18, 2015

Prom Video Challenge and My Edit :D

Hey everyone! It's Princess,today i'm going to be telling you about 2 things ( 1 of them is my edit ;D)

So first of all Yesterday I did my first ever Wink Edit! I'm so Proud xD Anyway's here it is Dun durun Dun:

Soooooo,What do you think? :3 In my opinion I think I did a good job ;D

Tell me in the chat what you think.I NEED Opinions xD

If you'd like to learn how to do this edit,I might do a video and post it on the blog ;o You'll just have to wait and see.

And second of all we have the prom Video Challenge! ( Lets be honest here my first one with the ''dun durun dun'' Was way better xD)
Anyway's to enter this you have to have a YouTube account/Google account and if you need Inspiration you can check out my YouTube account witch I will be putting the link into below.
Also to enter you will need to go to the Video Challenge unitz:

Go to ''Video Challenge''

Click the gold pod.

It's that easy! :)

Here are the Rules:

There you have it. The ORIGINAL Rules. (Except my lines) xD

Well that's all for today Spies!

Keep Calm and Princescajor! ;D

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