Saturday, May 23, 2015

Trapped on WoozIn!

Hey Spies! It's Rosie, and if you're on Woozworld right now, chances are, you're one of the many, many, many people stuck.. Most people think Woozworld is having another unannounced updatse, but this one has been going on for nearly two hours... The weird thing is, when you click World, you can still click the left bottom corner of the screen while you see the Yeti tip thing. You can look at Shopz and the Map, and here's what it looks like:
Can you believe that!? 505 woozens at Yeti Bux and 442 at Woozworld App? O_O I hope Woozworld gets on this too, we just have to give them some time! 
Signing off from this short post,
Until next time!
xoxo ~Rosie

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