Saturday, June 20, 2015

Logan's solstice: Guide through

Hey guys! o3o Bleaty here.I'm so sorry I couldn't post yesterday (I have a broken HTML) So right now I'm using my tablet.I'm also creating 2 photos of my class as manga,for my social/literacy teacher and my original,teacher.(I'm the only one that does not want school to end x_x) But anyways,Hopefully on summer break I'll be able to post and fix my html.

So,on woozworld,Logan came back :D!!She also has given us some objectivez to complete.If you are unable to see the objectivez,log out,and log back in.So here are the steps to do this quest.

1)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to get to the unitz Woozmas Beach.

2)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to get to you next destination,Surf Paradise!            

3)Open your objectivez and click the green globe to go to the Ice Queen's Castle, and click the           
           transporter and talk to her.(then click the transporter again)
4)Look around unitz for 20 suns with sunglasses xD (takes around 3 minutes or so)                                                                              

5)Open objectivez,again to go back to the Surf Paradise unit.                                                                 

6)Click the portal and you clean the beach covered in goo ;P                                                                 
All you do is click the slime stuff/goo.                                                                                                  

Now you're back at Surf Paradise.

 7)Now, click the green globe,again T_T.Now,you go to the Woozworld Beach unitz.                          

 8) Click on the teleporter and clean up the slime.                                                                                    

Once you're done cleaning up the beach,click the teleporter to head back to the beach.

9)Click the green globe to go to Logan's beach.                                                                                      

10)Again click the teleporter to clean up the beach.
So much goo omg.
Once you're done, you have to go back to the teleporter again x_x
But....The queen of drama steps in xDD
Ofc it was Zeena.First she tries ruining prom,now summer.This girl never quits omg.

11)After that,you go back to the beach and you need to say "Summer Rocks" in  the chat box (It can be in any unit)

Now...refresh to get this achievement

And tada!! You helped Logan save summer :L.Be prepared for July 3rd to go to her Beach bash.
Btw: I'm sorry Rosie just realized you posted this D:!!
Anyways that's all for today,Have fun with this quest

Bleaty signing out!!


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