Saturday, January 16, 2016

DIY WoozWorld New Years Style Resolution List

Hai Spies. It's Chrissy, the cold... very cold.. winter cookie! Ok, so I realized I haven't done DIYs in such a long time so I've decided to do a "New Years Style Resolution List" that you can either print or you can save on your PC/Mac. Yes, I know its like half way through January o_o , but it's the fun that counts am I right? Huh? Huh? Ok so lets begin Cx:

1. Pick out a New Years themed or a fashion themed background. It doesn't really matter what background you choose but its New Years fashion so it's recommended XD.

2. Write out your list of things you want to improve on your fashion sense on WzW or even in real life. A recommendation is to use PiZap or Microsoft Word to type out your list. Also Make sure to use nice fonts, a lot of colour, and pictures from your woozin from WoozWorld!

3. When your done typing print or simply save it on your PC/Mac.


4. Voila! You're done :D

Yep thats pretty much it XD. Please ignore the fact that I sometimes wear pyjamas (I spelt it wrong in my list O_o) to school ;-;. If you do happen to print your " New years Style Resolutions" its recommended that you hang it somewhere that you often go to in you house. e.e I'm ooobeeeerrr sorry that I didn't add colour to my post today, right now I'm in a huge rush to go to sleep because I have skating lessons early in the morning. Chrissy signing off. Keep calm and stay as a...

Bye spies CX!

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