Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Writing Contest

Do you have any writing skills you'd like to share?

School is finally out! Well for most of us I think. But just because schools out and there's no more school work, and thank God, homework, that doesn't mean you can't still have fun expressing your creative side! Whether showing your creative side is what you decide to wear in the summer or the types of crazy summer activites you do, some people can express their creative side through writing.

So here's the contest.

Some of you Spies (especially some of these outstanding bloggers/trial bloggers) are very talented writers, and many of you might not even know it yet! I want to give everyone a chance to show what they have in or out of "a learning phase".

The rules are simple:

  1. Your story must be a at least a full page long, no longer than 1/2 pages (you can write more, but it's all that can be submitted)
  2. Your story must consist of at least 3 characters.
  3. No "censored" content (You guys know what I mean. You also know what is and what isn't appropriate). Your entry will not count. I'll be the judge.
  4. Add some humor (this is not required, but it will improve your chances)
  5. Don't end with a conclusion, end with suspense.
  6. You can submit up to 2 stories.
All entries must be submitted by June 11th to the email: meganwoozworld13@gmail.com.

Theme/Plot: Summer Mystery

How will I determine the winner?:

  • 10 bonus points if ALL requirements are met.
  • 3 bonus points if you add good quality humor.
  • 10 points for creativity.
  • 15 points for entertainment.
  • 5 points for theme followed (to a degree).
  • 5 points for grammar and punctuation.
A perfect score doesn't mean you win, it helps to improve your chances. Follow requirements but to think too hard about them.

Prize: The winner will have the privelage of having me repost their story with credit and 2 rare items (I will let you choose!) 

I know that a lot of people don't like writing and that's okay! You never know until you try. Also, please do not neglect this contest because "writing is stupid" or "it'll take up too much of my time!" or even "it's boring". Take a chance and try, everyone has different preferences and styles of writing! No piece of writing is technically "bad". 

If you end up enjoying your piece, and want to continue, email the rest to me to enjoy! (MAYBE THEIR WILL BE SOME SORT OF "REWARD" FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO TAKE THE EXTRA TIME!)

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