Thursday, October 1, 2015

Favourite Store Outifts; New Vip Hair???

Hi Spies! It's trial blogger Chris Chris, wait that kinda sounded weird let me start again u.u. Hi Spies! It's trial blogger Chrissy! well that sounded much better .-. OK. BAD News! I lost my sherbet carton ;-; but thats not the point. The point is for my blog post today, I'll show you some of the most popular store outfits (woozin designed)! I recently took a survey and here were the results!:

1. Kady (18 Woozins Voted)
2. Maria (12 Woozins Voted)

1. TylerTerror (21 Woozins Voted)
2. Pascal (11 Woozins Voted)

Anyways. The new VIP hair literally made me flip. I went to check my inventory to check it out and i saw this bootiful thing sitting in there :O

VIP Kai!?!? OMG. *cough* *cough* EXO Kai...

I just wanna touch it, it looks like ramen... ;-; Uhmmmm... moving on to girls hair...
VIP Jeannette? I think I just met my favourite hair Cx

*Gasp* The hair itself is soooooo pretty but the bow just says bootiful all over it :O I really like how the colour code fits together like peanut butter and jelly. Its now time to search for my beloved sherbet. I'll see you next time Chrissy signing off.

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