Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hey Spies! So ofc they would but a YETI outfit in wacky Wednesday xD (They did..) I will now you the Wacky Wednesday ;D :

You know... I feel like that wasn't exciting enough xD. Let's try that again: I present....The one and only.... Wacky Wednesday!! There it is! :D And here it is:

I'm really loving this weeks Wacky Wednesday xD I think it's really.... Yeti-ish xD.. MyaWooz even dressed herself up in a purple yeti.. (Awesome..) xD Here's the selfie she took:

Yesssss Mya is rocking her purple yeti-ish look xD

That's all for today Spies!

                                                             ~Keep calm and Princescajor!

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