Saturday, June 6, 2015

Woozens Words

Hey guys! o3o Bleaty here.There isn't much to really post about but,I've been thinking abut this for a while,and I decided that we should hear what YOU guys have to say about the blog.I think it's important that we know what your opinions on the blog are,so we know whether or not the blog is going well.I've created a typeform for you guys to fill out,or please message me,because I'm not sure if the typeform will work.

Basically,I've put it into 2 categories of which you can answer:

*Good comments! (Ex: I love how so-and-so always blogs)
*Stuff we need to work on! (Ex: Not many bloggers post anymore :/)

You viewers are important too,not just the bloggers,so for once,you'll be noticed!I will be taking all your answers.Please if you can,put your name in your entry.I will not hate on you if you say: BLEATY IS SO SELFISH D: (No I'm not and if you say that you'll be sorry) You'll have the option to say if you want to be anonymous,but do keep in mind we don't tolerate bullying,and I will not be happy to see hate on bloggers,If this happens I will block out their name,or just not put your entry in my next post at all.

This is going on a post by the way.xD

Have fun,I'm excited to see all your comments!!


Bleaty signing out!

-Bleaty                                              NEW PHOTO SOON!!

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