Saturday, July 18, 2015

Changes! + Some updates..

 Hello my loves, It is me Silly the unicorn again. i have some news im thinking of changing my blogging days but only one. I will be blogging on Saturday instead of monday. And for the rest its normal. Since today is my blogging day I decided to review what the upcoming outfits for next week. As you know +Myawooz hosts a vip style scoop and she had given us a sneak peak. Here are some pictures that QueenRosie1 the owner of the blog took :)

Im not exactly sure if Mya said the names of the ouftis. But im pretty sure im in love with all of them. And when they come out ill do a review on them based on my personal opinion :). 


Recently I have gotten vip and when i did get it i realized that my buttons became larger, now I don't have a problem with that but I was just kinda in confusion when it did happen i dont understand if its only me or all vips. And when I say buttons I mean the friends icon the events icon you know the little cute buttons under the chatting tool. But also when i got vip woozworld had send me a message. And this is major update since 2014. When you would just vip and have to know the features. Ill include my snapshot of it :)
Thats really I have for today I hope you enjoyed this post. And remember Woozworld Spies is spying on all the info for you ;)!

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