Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Tip That Needs To Be Spread!!!!

Hi spies! (That kinda rhymes o.o) xD  Lauraxer here! 

So my tip is: Whenever you make a sign-off pic (or any kind of picture) for someone else (or maybe for yourself), put your name at the bottom! Like 'Made By: Lauraxer' But instead of putting my woozen name, put YOUR woozen name!

Even if you are friends with that person, still put your name at the bottom, because what if you aren't friends anymore after a little while, and then she gives credit to herself but not you!! You have to put your name at the bottom because, what if that person, you made the sign-off pic for, doesn't give credit to you, but instead he gives credit to himself/herself! That wouldn't be fair, would it? So please remember this tip and please (if you want) spread this tip around!!! Beacause it's not fair that people give credit to themselves, and not you for the things you made for them!

Well that's all! Hope that helped! And also sorry for the short post!
xoxo, Lauraxer

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