Saturday, August 15, 2015

Edits & Editors

Hey guys C: Bleaty here. How are ya'll doing xD I apologize for not posting yesterday because I just got back and I was car sick/bus sick for 3 hours... Luckily though I didn't miss out on much.

Well,because I was gone, all the latest news on woozworld got taken in other people's posts.It took me around 5 minutes to figure something until I realized, why don't I show you guys AMAZINGLY AWESOME edits,and editors :D If you think this post is going to be boring, you should wait and see these amazing legit editors & edits.

Lets get started :D

Great Editors:                       

*Riley61 (Instagram)
*xxBrenzxx (Instagram)
*Me (if you consider me with it C;) (Deviantart,Google+)
*QueenRosie1 (Google+,Blog xD)
*Devvoodoo (Instagram)
*Stella123sl (Videos,blog,google+,google images)
*iluvpenguins64 (Blog,instagram,facebook)
*TJ (Instagram)
*Subway X Koi (Instagram (Their i.g name Subway X Koi)
*AutumnLight (Instagram)
*GislleE417 (Videos,facebook?,instagram?)
*VirtualAthilah (Instagram)
*Pinkielicious (Instagram)
*Curiosity  (Videos)
There could be WAYY more than I mentioned, but if you want some inspiration check these fab people out xP Also for warning, I start school again in 2 weeks so if I forget a posting day during the school year it means I have maybe a big project or a ton of homework xD

Some edits of these editors:
Instagram media by - I love this edit by TJ! Its amazing Congratulations! #Woozworld #WoozworldPictures #WoozworldEdits #WoozworldNews

Instagram media by - I love how @pinkieliciousss is so Colour co-Ordinated :) Loving the design 💅🎀 #woozworld #woozworldpictures #WoozworldGossip #WoozworldEdits

Instagram media by - Happy #Halloween for this year 2015. I'm a little bit early. #Woozworld #CrystalWooz #WoozworldPictures (MsWoozAnnouncerInstagram media by - #CrystalWooz #Woozworld Come and look at ''My little Mermaid Crystal as Ariel'' so perfect keep it up!! #WoozworldPictures

Angel of Darkness by BleaChan

Well enjoy exploring the editing world :P I wish anyone trying to become an amazing editor,all the best of luck.

Bleaty signing out!


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