Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Interview With SOTW Star Nikkilovevot!

What's up everyone, David here with another star breaking post! Well, like.. Yeah, it's a star breaking post.
This is a really late SOTW post, because I didn't have time to finish it due to almost being 17, which was on August 18th (Yesterday, Happy Birthday To Me The Loserrrrr jk jk jk no) But here I am now!
On Sunday, MyaWooz the Fashion Queen hosted her amazing SOTW, where the theme was WNS Star!
Team Dance 2k15, Zana Del Wooz btw.
We had amazing winners with stellar styles, and not to mention great judges, but our real winner was Nikkilovevot!
Nikkilovevot killed the show with her amazing style and everyone seemed to love it!

I got the time to talk to Nikkilovevot, and luckily she agreed!

BLUE FONT: Nikkilovevot

Me: First off, congrats! How was it like to become the SOTW for WNS Week One?
Nikki: It was pretty great, it was my first time and I was so happy! :)
Me: Can you tell us how you created the outfit that helped you win?
Nikki: I mainly just combined certain stuff with everything xD And plus Dark Blue is my usual colour code.
Me: How nice, Nikki! Can you tell us what inspired your color code in the first place?
Nikki: Umm well I've been wearing this blue for a long time ever since I started xD I love it very much.
Me: It's certainly quite nice, Nikki! How did you react when Mya told you that you had won Star of the Week?
Nikki: I was so shocked I almost fell out of my chair! xD My friends told me to stay and that I got in on time. It was fun.
Me: But you just have to thank the judges for that! Any words to say about how the judges were?
Nikki: They're awesome! :)
Me: Now, Nikki, what are you going to do next now that you've won SOTW?
Nikki: Idk to be honest xP Have fun with my friends
Me: Friendships truly are amazing!
Nikki: Yes :) They're great
Me: Well, that's all the time we have Nikki! Thanks for joining us!
Nikki: Thank you for having me

.......And that was our interview with the SOTW star Nikkilovevot!
Until next time guys!

Thanks for listening!
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