Thursday, September 17, 2015

Head's Up!

Hey Spies! It's Rosie here with some head's up for you guys!
  1. I'm picking new bloggers THIS WEEKEND!
  2. I'm going to be adding more tips this weekend as well!
  3. I have some open blogger positions, such as a weekly outfit reviewer who busy the outfits every week and can come up with combinations ;o
  4. I'll be working on the header this weekend, it should be done in two weeks :)
Now onto some Woozworld head's up!
I'm sure you all clicked WoozNews today and were as shocked as I was! Take a look..

See it yet?

Ta-Da! Best of luck to all you guys that applied! (But remember, you don't need a blue bubble, symbz, and shirt to lend out a helping hand! :P) 

See you next time! (I need to get around to some post ideas.. Such as Esqueleta)
 xoxo ~Rosie

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