Friday, September 11, 2015

Interview With SOTW Star SierraTooCool!

The AMAZING SOTW SierraTooCool.. Oh wait she's my girlfriend.
What's up Woozens!?!
David here with the excited SOTW Scoop, which was one heck of a certain shocker!

Last week was SOTW Saturday with the amazing MyaWooz, as this week ends with a goodbye to WNS August outfits, but also opening some newer paths for September! This week's SOTW Theme was WNS Pink, suggested by Sierra and Clap.

Mya experimented this week by leaving the unit open.. Yes, she did not lock it. No one quite knows if she will be trying the unlocking thing again next week.. We forgot to reach out to her. But in our opinion, it seems much safer doing the locking thing! 

We had another interesting panel of judges like always, not to mention some pretty great looks!

Third places this week were @CosmicThunder with his amazing neon pink and XxSilverWingsxX with her bold hair,
Mya simply requesting me to interview.... AND 
Second places were lyk4a and her new berry code (one heck of a fashion smoothie indeed readers!) and Chase-Yolo- with pastel pink!

But our Star of the Week was actually the one and only (and our very own) SierraTooCool!
And as her loving -cough- and amazing boyfriend/fiance, and to Mya's request I had to do a star stunning interview with her!

Me: Alright, weirdo aka my lover, where to start... How do you feel right now?
SierraTooCool: I'm not a weirdo T-T... But I feel pretty amazing considering this was a huge shocker for me!
Me: I can tell... especially from your reaction on our video chat.. Anyways, can you tell us how you created this star stunning outfit with that little cute face of yours? :))
SierraTooCool: .....Omg David. But basically, since this was a really cute PINK WNS theme, I decided to try and experiment with some new colors. I always wear the Hot Pink color code to the SOTW shows, so I decided to try something different.
Me: Typical Sierra :/. Can you tell us how you made that awesome pink color? You certainly stood out from all of the others!
SierraTooCool: I slowly thank the Woozworld Shopz for helping... I was scrolling through the pink shades and this one seemed to stood out from the rest - a really cute berry pink! It seemed to be the new perfect color code for me CX
Me: Perfect indeed! As I remember when you went on stage, Mya went, "I know someone named SierraTooCool, and her 10s from judges!" How did you react when you said that?
SierraTooCool: Omg, that was crazy! Okay, after I said I learned how to "experiment" by someone called "MyaWooz" and she was like, "I've never heard of her, but I bet she was amazing" and I was like, "Because she is!" and then when she said that I was like OMG. 
Me: That's surprising! Is there anything you want to add about the judges this week?
SierraTooCool: One word: AMAZING. I love each and every one of them so much! Great job you four!!! :)
Me: Yes, great job judges! Now, Sierra, is there anything you would like to say to people trying to become the next SOTW, and what to try?
SierraTooCool: Well, guys, when it came to SOTW for me at first it was hard. In the beginning, I was always a bit disappointed in myself. However, if you keep trying and trying again, you'll eventually look at the bright side of things! Experiment with new color codes, and be yourself! But no matter what, YOU'RE ALL STARS! CX
Me: Aggggaaaain, perfect advice from Sierra herself! Any last words for everyone?
SierraTooCool: Stay cute! xx
Me: Thanks for joining me again love. x
SierraTooCool: I always join you anyways - thanks for the interview Davvy xx

And that was our spectacular interview with our amazing Star SierraTooCool, until next time everyone!

Thanks for listening!
(Signoff designed by my amazing girlfriend SierraTooCool)

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