Friday, April 17, 2015

Earth Day Maze/Quiz Answers!

Hey there Spies!
Sierra here for the fourth trial blogger post (Only one more before we determine where the Greek gods align! Just kidding, we don't even know what will happen. But I'll be here! :))
Today (April 17) the Earth Day quiz opened, where in the first half you would need to go through tiles to get to the first question box and then take the quiz for the second half.
I'll be showing you guys the tiles and then the questions/answers so you guys don't have to depend on Google for most of the time..

First Half: Maze

Second Half: Quiz
1. 1970
2. 400 years
3. fossil
4. E
5. United States
6. 4
7. hurricane
8. 88
9. China
10. International Mother Earth Day

When you have completed this quiz/maze, you will receive 50 beex and a Recycling Symbz.

Until next time Woozens!

XOXO, Sierra

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