Friday, April 17, 2015

Woozworld: Silent Day Challenge!!

Hey guys! Bleaty here.Today,I wanted to introduce something I made to help those who don't have a voice.It's like a bully awareness project.So how this will work is that I'm going to have a group of woozens to be silent ALL day.Now I know if people pc you,you'll want to talk.Sadly there aren't any white boards to talk with,so this can be a struggle.But,I will allow you to type on the woozin,on one condition,you can't necessarily have a conversation with people.(ex: you: Hey guys,remember to support me!.Comment:Sure x) Also do you sell stylish ballerina hair?You.Yes ofc!!)


You're only aloud to write,stuff supporting the silent day Like:

*Hey guys,remember to help those who don't have a voice,and support us woozens doing this challenge by woozup-ing this post!etc.

Our school did something similar to this,and I wanted to help people with no voices.So I'm challenging all readers to:

1.) Message me @Bleatystar- on woozworld.

2.) Say,you're willing to join the silent day challenge.

3.)Get the special shirt to represent you're apart of this challenge.

4.) Wait till Sunday to start this challenge.(I'm giving you a day rest,so you can tell your friends to not have conversations with you etc.Also because I won't be here but nvm!!)

5.) Survive,the silent day!!!

I know atleast someone will cheat,but that's alright.If you're attending the woozworld event,you can pc Jenny you're being silent for the day or some what.(Or to make life easier,don't attend the event!)
You can also log out,but please try to stay online as much as possible,because your being a role model to others.The special shirt given to you in the exact color will be this:

You can go in shopz and buy this,but you can't color it.Keep it that color.When the challenge is over,you're welcome to keep it that color for a souvenir or you can color it to your desired color.Please spread the word to others on woozworld.If we could get atleast 100 woozens,that would be over board xD.Further details are below:

*Starts:4/19/2015 (Sunday 19th)
*Time starts:8:00-1:00 WT(If later that's fine,just not over 2:45 please)
*Time ends:4:00-5:00 WT.(Or longer if wanted xDD Shortest would be 3:45)
*What is it about:It's a day on Woozworld where you'll be silent for a couple hours,to support those in the world with no voice.
*Everyone entering will get in a photo saying: Silent day!!
*The shirt costs 125 beex T_T.If you're broke I'll try to spare some cash.
*Will I become famous:If this becomes a big event,then maybe ;)

Please message me further questions,and importantly. . . . SPREAD THIS AMAZING WORD!!!!

Bleaty signing out o3o (I'm expecting atleast 10-15 messages k people)


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