Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hi Spies! It's Me Nay! I'm a new Blogger Here. Cx I'll Be Sharing All kinds of stuff!

Hi Guys! It's Me Nay! (NayiVIP) Today, i'll be telling you facts about me! P.S I'm a new blogger. Hope you Like Me! XD 

#1: I Love Hanging Out With Friends! And Making New Friends!!

#2: I Am Really And Outdoorsy Person! I'm really FUN To talk to!You can talk to me ANYTIME!

#3: I'm Really OBSESSED With Woozworld!

#5: I Keep Changing Outfits every 5 Minutes!

And Finally #6: My Favorite Color and Food Are: SeaFoam Blue! :D And Chicken Wings! ^.^

Now Here are 2 of MY Favorite Outfits!

1:  Interested in what i'm wearing? Hair:  Ear tucked Hair Dress: Wns Strapless Dress

2: If you are Interested in What I'm wearing: Hair: Wooznis Hair Top: Patterned Tube Top! And Pants: Wns Pop shorts!

Thanks Alot! <3

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