Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scammer Update

Hey guys! meganisawesome3 here. Today I'm going to give you some scammer updates and some people you can POSITIVELY trust. I know it's not fun being scammed because trust me, I have been scammed many times before. And it especially hurts when you worked really hard for the item/beex that was scammed.

I would like to start by giving a shoutout to the Woozen, JacobIsBae, she is a very big supporter in anti-scamming/hacking. She's hosted many events asking serious questions about scamming and hacking and even started selling Anti-Scammer Awareness shirts (on Woozworld). Be sure to check out her YouTube channel: Anti-Scammers WzW


1. EllaSullivan
Ella may seem like a sweet, scamless girl because she has some people who support her since they have never had the "honor" of being scammed by her. She mainly scams by frauding with beex. You know, when you buy some stuff to add up to the amount of the item to get a rare? But since the beex adjustment, she has resulted to saying "trade me this for this and I will sell you this for (low amount) beex!" Do not trust her.

2. McDrive
I'm pretty sure a lot of you are familar with the scam where someone puts a rare item up and then quickly switches it with a poor and you confirm thinking you're getting the rare because the switch was so fast? Well, that's what she does. I was trading her and she put Tattoo Sandals and I was going to trade Riding Hood Cape and Isabella dress & skirt for it. I didn't fall for it the first 3 times she tried it. I know I should've probably left knowing she wasn't going to stop but I didn't and I regret it! I was telling her each time she tried it to not do it because I know the scam. She never responded. But of course, the time I thought she was finally going to stop, I clicked confirm as soon as she made the switch and she got the items. Do not trade her.

I know you can't really find trusted Woozens anymore because of the beex adjustment (thank God) but these Woozens were trusted before the adjustment and I highly recommed becoming friends with them! :)

1. Alexahh
2. KandiKrystal
3. obeystar


  1. Im a trusted woozen, and im doing anti-bullying eventz to omg :D!

  2. I'm a trusted woozen..-Lauraxer