Tuesday, April 21, 2015

News From MOD021

Hey spies! It's Rosie, and as I logged in a few minutes ago, I saw that MOD021 made a post, and here it is!

Here's what he says: "To maintain a fair community and to respect all our users, we want to remind everyone that Woozworld does NOT allow cheating of any kind. Doing so is a serious offence and your account will be permanently banned. This is for the safety of all the Woozens that enjoy Woozworld."
The main message of this is to respect everyone online, even if you're 'hidden' behind the screen, being nice online is a priority! So to make Woozworld a safer and better place for it's users, let's all try to be kind and like Mod said, NOT cheat, or you will risk a permanent ban!

(P.S. What do you guys think of my new sign-off? :3)
Stay Safe! xoxo ~Rosie