Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wooziquettes for Woozens

Hey there spies ,
I was browsing my old notebooks and I found these tips for the CyberSpace.

1.)Remember that you are communicating with human beings. Don't forget that you are talking to real live people , even though you may not know them face to face

2.)Respect other people properly. 
Don't think that just because you're in the CyberSpace you can do whatever you want.

3.)Know where you are in CyberSpace.
One of the things you will find in the net are different habits of other people in diff. Places in the CyberSpace.

4.)Do not waste other people's time.

5.)Make your self look good online.
Check your messages for spelling and grammar errors.

6.)Share your knowledge.
In CyberSpace , you can connect with a vast range knowledge experts.

7.)Do not flame others.
Stay calm when you get rude messages or being bullied.

8.)Respect other people's privacy.

9.)Stay Safe.
Just like you meet people in real life.

10.)Forgive other people's mistakes.
Nobody is perfect.

So? What do you think about these tips?
Comment below 😊

~Stay Sweet~

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