Sunday, April 5, 2015

New Updates..

Hey guy's it's Princess,first of all i would like to say Happy Easter! And today i'll be telling you guys the Wrong's and the Right's of theese updates.

1) Every peice of clothing has a level ( I think of it as Judging people )

2) There's a zoom in panel at the side of our screen ( Why would we need to zoom in?! )

3) WoozWorld is now BeexWorld it's HORRIBLE

4) They've added in the settings on WoozWorld a button that you click and it says: Show other people dancing,(That one's better because people lag alot when woozen's dance)

5) Now when you sell stuff on woozworld for example the maximum (before) was 9999 beex. But now you can put in 999999 beex in (Everyone is selling they're stuff for HIGHER Prices now.....

That's all of the Wrong's and Right's of WoozWorld for today! C; If you like theese kind of stuff about WoozWorld you should check out my YouTube Chanel :

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