Monday, June 15, 2015

Quote Of The Week (QOTW)

Hey Spies, meganisawesome3 here with something I will be posting every week! I'm really excited about this, and to learn more about it and the idea (why I had it), keep reading!

We all struggle, every week, almost every day. And we can struggle from a lot of things! Such as stress, trauma, or even sadness. What we need, is that spark of hope. That spark that let's us know that everything is going to be alright.

Now what I would like to start doing a 'Quote Of The Week'. Basically I will be posting quotes that I have come up with to get me through the week and I will also give a brief summary of what the quote means. I even have something I like to call a 'Quote Book'. Whenever I learn something new or come to realize something. I like to try and come up with a quote to help me understand it better. Sometimes I even do it just for fun! I may post famous quotes from celebrity's every now and then (I'll make sure to give them credit), but I would like to share quotes that have got me through a lot and have made me come to realize a lot about myself and this world that we live in.

I hope that these 'series' will help you get through things that you struggle with. It just might become your new motto... I also hope that this can inspire you to create your own quotes! I would love to hear them, so just send me a message on Woozworld!

This is meant to be taken seriously and to be used as a form of inspiration! I would appreciate that everyone respect this because it would mean a lot to me :).

I swear I come up with every quote that will be posted! 

Now since I'm so excited about this 'series', I would like to begin it in this post with one of my favorite quotes that I came up with. (I'm saving my absolute favorite one for a post on my birthday! Which is soon...) ;)

Every day is a new day, and every daylife throws a challenge at youso you can grow.

What this quote means is that maybe (for example) you're having a bad day. You feel down and mad at the same day, just nothing is working out the way you would've wanted it. But we have those days, so we can learn. Imagine this. You're building a block tower and you're trying to get it as high as you possibly can! And every time that you add a block on (which can represent a lesson that you learn) you get closer to your goal. Because by growing, we're just one step closer to having our dreams just end up the way we want them to. So if you think the world just hates you, you're wrong. The issue your having is just a lesson. An important lesson.

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