Monday, April 6, 2015

Scammer Alert!!!!

Hey guys, it's me, Cooly-Backup! Be aware, there's a scammer on WoozWorld! Her name is: zayneb5. You guys may have heard of her next top model. She lures people into her game with rare prizes (like Dolloween, WNS, etc).  Anyway, when you say she's a scammer, she usually says "I'm not a scammer! You're not allowed to play". In this case, she has her "daughter", or PinneyBeex. But, at the end, she says she has to go, and leaves the winner, without a prize. When you see her, report her and block her! Remember, don't trust her!!! Once again, her name is: zayneb5. Bye guys, I'll see you next blog!!

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