Thursday, July 16, 2015

Be me event!

Hey guy´s! So yesterday was the be me event!! :D If you guys went, did you like it? Not many people went to be honest o.o xD Less then usual.. Anyway´s the event was all about not worrying what you look like. Here´s some pictures I took at the event:

After the moment when vip-me said that everyone started to think that MyaWooz and VIP-me would be the perfect couple.. xD

Unfortunatelly I could only take a certain amount of pictures, because otherwise this post would never end!! xD Anyways after they spoke about it VIP-be and VIP-me said to post questions on they´re wallz about anything related to what they were speaking about. (Not to worry how you look) And I personally think this is the best be me event done yet. c;

That´s all for now!

                                                              Keep calm and Princescajor Be me!

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