Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Faces, Leaked! + WoozGuideZ

Hey Spies, it's Rosie here, and I actually have been spying around for this! (Shh..)

I'm sure you've all seen these FABULOUS new faces here..
These faces can be found when making a new account, and many of us are hoping that they can come into ShopZ soon! How do I know? Well.. 
(Thank you for the reply Mod ^_^)
 She also gave some tips about us getting our WoozGuideZ privileges back!

I'm sure many of you heard, that the WoozGuideZ program is no longer taking in applications because of certain issues. Here's what she told me on gaining our privileges once again:

1) We need to be able to handle members in position of "authority" who won't abuse or "willfully misunderstanding their role (i.e., Guidez are there to help answer questions about the game, not to police or stop "drama")"
2) There was a lot of "intense competition" around Guide selection, and that had been more harmful than helpful to the community
3) Woozens are encouraged to help each other out and give guidance and advice to new plays

All of these came from a message from her, so it's important we follow them to prove we can handle these responsibilities! Remember, you don't need to have a symbz and a special bubble to lend a helping hand! :P

Until next time! (Want juicy info quick? Check out the new tab, titled "Spyworthy Stories" to find some top-secret posts!)
xoxo ~Rosie

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