Monday, April 6, 2015

Video Contest and More.

Hey guy's you probably know by now i get overexcited when i do a post...xD Anyway,today i'll be telling you guy's about the new WoozWorld.........Video Contest!! The theme's going to be spring.
I hope you guy's are as excited for the video contest as i am xP Are you guy's going to enter the video contest or would you guy's like to be in a video? Comment below.
Anyway i'll also be telling you guy's about the new Ellie The Elephant Pet's! They are ADORABLE!
So they have Hyperion Elephant (White) Punderful Elephant (L blue) Shya Elephant ( Purple ) Lazarian Elephant (Brown) Felix Elephant (Grey) Eeyoren Elephant (D blue) Wisdom Elephant (Black) And Grumps Elephant (Pink)
Also a new little Update that came with Ellie the Elephant is that not only the elephant's can talk but all the other WooPet's Can Talk as Well! :)

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