Monday, April 20, 2015

Your Prom, My Prom! #WoozworldProm2015

Hello Spies, it is SierraTooCool with her final blogger post. (5/5)
MyaWooz has recently announced that it now time to cast your vote as this year's Woozworld Prom 2015 on Hot Topics as shown below:
We have the following themes in the running for 2015:
- Hollywood Glamour (Red Carpet)
- Midnight in Wonderland (Fairytale)
- A Starry Night (Masquerade)
- Tell Me When To Glow (Neon Rave)
- Under the Sea (Nautical Elegance)

Woozens, you only have one week to vote. Even I couldn't possibly choose from these amazing themes. But thank goodness we have a week to make our choices- every vote counts on what will happen!
And you never know what to expect at prom.. :)

And that is all for today Woozworld Spies, until next time!

XOXO, Sierra

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