Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stylish Ballerina Outfits!

Hey Spies! Pop here! So, I was camping out at the SOTW (Star of the Week) Unitz, because there are always some super cute outfits there! I wanted to take some of the adorable outfits I saw there and posted them on this blog, with their permission, of course xD

All of these outfits feature the same hair, Stylish Ballerina, but in different ways. Some casual, some cute, some formal.

First outfit is Neen's outfit. I love the colors, they're soft and earthy, and the jacket makes the outfit look casual, yet sophisticated. The Stylish Ballerina compliments the outfit in an edgy kind of way. The shoes, although simple, go great and kind of tie it all together. I love it! Adorbs, Neen!

This next outfit is from BlazeSpy. The colors on this outfit pop right out at you, very coral and adorable. This outfit looks more preppy and perky, in my opinion, and the Stylish adds right to that with a perfect, sparkly flair that matches the skirt. The shoes and top work great with the Stylish Ballerina skirt, and I just think they're both great combinations. Amazing, BlazeSpy!

This last outfit is from Pree (preejkfhd). This outfit is very glittery and almost ghostly, very formal. The dress, heels, and hair are all in perect sync with each other, I just can't xD The hair color hand the red lipstick really bring out the gold. It's amazing what you can do with such different items. Keep it up, Pree!

Well Spies, I think I should wrap this up and put a bow on it xD I loved all of these outfits and I think that they have a good chance of winning SOTW. It's amazing experimenting with outfit combinations.

Well, until next time!


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