Friday, May 22, 2015

#CoffeeTalkWithSierra/#WooztasticTrends: Prom 2K15 Cheaters Cheaters Pumpkin Eaters?

Hey Spies, and welcome to another round of posts with me, Sierra!(and #WooztasticTrends)
I'm releasing some new Hashtag Blog Posts called #CoffeeTalkWithSierra!
Everytime I release a #CoffeeTalkWithSierra, I'll be adding the really cute photo above my posts!
I'll be basically taking down a very important topic every time and telling you what's up and what's down, spying in all the info, just what our motto says!

On May 22nd, MyaWooz had released the Prom Queen and King nominees. However, things have been gone pretty off lately now that the nominations are out.
#WooztasticTrends are beginning to be blowing up as woozens are now accusing four nominees of cheating. In my opinion, this is pretty crazy knowing that four nominees are people who I believe are the nicest people on Woozworld, well I don't really know one of the four accused though..
I was going to congratulate SunSet916 for her Prom Queen nominee until one particular post caught my eye:
I soon decided to go into further investigating onto the mess we have taken upon ourselves, especially on Mya's wall. (After all, she is our fashion queen that posted the amazing nominees!)
But when I looked at Mya's wall, more posts about this controversy had shocked me.

SunSet916, Sabster, Mawaddaelbanhawy, and -J-O-S-H- have been all accused for cheating to become Kings and Queens!

Woozens, in my opinion, we all each do not have enough information to show that all four had cheated their way to the top, I am pretty sure whether or not they stayed in the Prom Planning HQ, "made fake accounts" and anything else have the right for everyone to say the things. However, if some of you guys do believe they are cheating, what I strongly suggest is to NOT post these things as shown on the photos above. That shouldn't be needed.

Many things are now becoming more shocking as Prom arrives. What will happen? We all don't know, indeed.

Until next time woozens!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

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