Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gone maybe forever??

Hey guys.o3o I know this isn't my posting day but I have some bad news to inform you guys about.I will be kicked off all blogs I post on from today forth.WHAT THE HECK WHY!?!? You might be wondering,well I have some family issues going on at the moment and my mom wants us all off electronics and such.I will be coming on in chatboxes and other stuff like woozworld to see how its all going.This might take a couple weeks depending on my mom and her thoughts.I will not cheat,and won't be posting on:

DeadlineRewritten (Ikr I post on many blogs xD)

And so forth.This message is going to all blogs I post on.I hope you understand and I tbh will really miss blogging o_o.

Bleaty signing out,for a long period of time x(


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