Wednesday, June 10, 2015

VIP Style Scoop

Hi Spies, it's Rosie, back with another VIP Style Scoop! (I wonder if me and Sierra will post this at the same time again? xD) Today, our hosts will once again be Mya, but this time, all my herself! O_O Anyway,  let's get this started! ;o
Outfit 1: Breeziful

Hair: Breeziful Braid
Torso: Breeziful Halter Dress
Bottoms: Breeziful Skirt
Feet: Breeziful Flats

Not bad, the hair isn't my favorite xD But the dress is super laid back and adorable <3
Outfit 2: [VIP] Summersweep

Hair: [VIP] Summersweep Undercut
Torso: [VIP] Summersweep Rolled T-shirt
Bottoms: [VIP] Summersweep Rolled Jeans
Feet: [VIP] Summersweep Striped Shoes

Seems a bit familiar... but nonetheless, I think this is gonna be a popular boy's outfit! ;o Nice
Outfit 3: Cactough

(Zoom in of cactus)

Hair: Cactough Backwards Cap
Torso: Cactough Tank
Bottoms: Cactough Distressed Denim
Feet: Cactough Sneakers

If the cactus didn't throw you off, this is totally Max's xD I like how they put that in, but some parts are familiar, not bad though xD

Outfit 4: [VIP] Logan's Summer

Hair: [VIP] Logan's Summer Hair
Torso: [VIP] Logan's Summer Dress
Bottoms: [VIP] Logan's Summer Skirt
Feet: [VIP] Logan's Summer Sandals

OH EM GEE! Adorable! I have no words, this is just too amazing <3 The hair is so beautiful and free-flowing and the dress so light and amazing.

And here's a fashion tip from the queen herself ;D Another one! :)
I don't know about you, but I sure can't wait for these to come out! ;D NOTE: These will be Store-Only outfits! And Mya totally supports the new Symbz ;D

Now the question is, what eventz will come with this? ;3

Well, until next time! x)
xoxo ~Rosie

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  1. Today, our hosts will once again be Mya, but this time, all my herself! O_O Anyway, let's get this started! ;o curly virgin indian hair