Thursday, August 20, 2015

Colour codes and Fashion tips

Hey guy's! It's Princess and since I couldn't post the last 2 weeks because of my family staying over I decided I would post today :D And also (The highlight of my day) I have a fan crie ;D This actually made my day xD:
I took her name off of it just in case she didn't wan't it to be in xD
Ok now, let's get on with the colour codes!

Animator colour codes:


Red: dd000
Pink: f718ca


Pink: ff8e8e
Green: 00bf99


Blue: 250067
Yellow: fcaf00


Red: dd0000
Black: 000000


Brown: 8b4613
Red: 8b0000


Red: 8b0000
Yellow: ffd700


Blue: 1e90ff
Brown: 2b1b77


Grey: e5e4e2
Red: 990012

Good Old Wooz

Grey:  e5e4e2 
Brown: 8a4117

Random colour codes:

Okay, so I put together a bunch of nice 

colour codes that me and other woozens like

and here they are:

Please try adleast some of these codes, I 

took a really long time to do this so please 

use them :3

Now for the fashion side of this post:

This outfit is one of my favorites because it's got a lot of pink going on xD And a splash of purple (Purple happens to be my favorite colour) Even if the purples dark it doesn't mean that it doesn't match the outfit..

                                  Items I have on:   
                                  -Esqueleta hair
                                  -Sunchic tube top
                                  -Wns pop shorts
                                  -Guy's tommys
This outfit I also LOVE, because it has something special about it x3 I think the bow that's tied in the hair matches the patterned tube top, so that makes it stand out. Also let's just make this clear that a crop top and a skirt will ALWAYS match, got it? :D

                                 Item's I have on:
                                 -VIP polka dot hair
                                 -Patterned tube top
                                 -Plaid school girl skirt
                                 -Special OPS boots

And last but not least, this outfit... Ta da! I really like this outfit because it has a bratz dress, people call it ''poor'' but you don't have to wear ''rare'' clothes to look nice.. In my opinion this outfit is really nice. Especially because the purple on the dress stands out with all the blue x3

                                  Item's I have on:
                                  -Two-toned ponytail
                                  -Yasmin's totally polished bratz dress
                                  -Wns pop shorts (Because they're short                                   and you cant see them under the dress)
                                  -Zipper heels

That's all for now!
                           Keep calm and Princescajor!

Who likes the edit I did for my sign off picture? :D

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