Monday, May 25, 2015

Official Fansite + iDesignz + Naming some famous woozens ;D

Hey Spies! Having a good day? Well if you enjoy this blog it's a FABULOUS day,QueenRosie1 got a message from MaxWooz saying that we are an official fansite! My reaction was unspeakable.. xD
Anyway let's go on to the iDesignz ;o

There you have it! :D In JayWooz's own words..
Prom 2k15 is almost here,but what's prom without the afterparty? On May 295h, we'll reveal the afterparty Unitz Design Contest rules. You can get prepped by stocking up on all the new ''Neon Rave'' furniture from Shopz! Stay tuned...
Super easy! :D
Now we can move on to Famous woozens:
So there's a lot of Woozens on WoozWorld known for something (famous) I thought I would name some of them:
SunSet916 (Famous for her adoption center)

Glitz7  ( Famous for something I cant remember)

Karla (Famous for her trade center)

That's all for today Spies!

Keep calm and Princescajor!

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